My husband and I introduced his son's dog into our home with our existing dog, Hank (who was an "only" baby for many years). Things started off ok, but within a couple weeks we experienced aggression. At first we thought it was only food aggression and made changes in feeding habits accordingly. We soon found out it was not only food aggression. We had worked with another trainer who was good with teaching commands, such as sit and stay. However we never got to the root of the aggression or how to deal with it. After yet again another fight broke out and feeling hopeless I did some more research and found Wayne. Wayne came to the house that week, was very straightforward and knowledgeable. I was beginning to have some hope. After the first couple of sessions, both dogs were different. They were definitely looking to my husband and me as the alpha, was what needed to happen all along. We will be forever grateful for Wayne's knowledge and help.

Wayne, I am proud to announce that we have not had a dog fight in 7 weeks! That's the longest they have gone since being put together in April. I am forever grateful for your guidance to help up achieve a harmonious household.

Terri and Lance A.

The boys are still doing really well.  They were in the yard "roughhousing" last night and I was watching to make sure things didn't get out of control, and they didn't.  They saw me watching and came running in the house in see what I wanted.  They really do look at us as the alphas now.  


In January of 2012, my husband and I adopted a 2 year old Chihuahua named Papito. While he is a joy and a delight, there were some behaviors that we wanted to fix ASAP! After searching online, I found Wayne's contact information and contacted him. The very same day, within the hour, he called me back. I was immediatly impressed that he returned my call so quickly.

The behaviors that we wanted to "fix" were: excessive barking whenever a "new person" came to visit, sitting, staying, coming on command, and becoming more social. (Papito was already crate and house trained when we adopted him. There is no doubt in my mind that if these were also issues, Wayne would have been a tremendous help!)

We agreed to meet for 4 sessions. After the first session, it was clear that not only did we pick a fantastic dog trainer, but that Wayne was worth every penny. After that first session, Papi would sit on command and stay until a word was given, would obey when asked to stop barking using a word command, and was working on laying down when told. After the second session, Papi would heel when walking on a leash, continued to cease barking when told "Enough!", would sit and stay until told to move for over a minute, would sit on command, and would come when called. After the third session, Papi would do all of the above, as well as lie down. He's not thrilled to lie down when told, but he'll do it eventually! (He's a stubborn little thing!) Our last session, Wayne went above and beyond by meeting us at a local dog park to see how Papito was with other dogs his size. While there, Wayne gave more tips to encourage Papi to be comfortable with visitors - so far, they are working like a charm! When looking at our goals, we not only met them but exceeded them. I did not think I would be able to take Papi to a dog park and be comfortable that he would not lash out out of fear.

Wayne is unbelievable with dogs. His knowledge is wide and he will not hesitate to answer any and all questions you have. I was very comfortable asking him to come to my home. I now feel that my husband and I are not only responsible pet owners but have also allowed Papi a new form of freedom. A trained dog is a happy dog! If you are in the market for a knowledgeable, friendly, talented dog trainer, do not hesitate to hire Wayne. You will not regret it!

Blaire and Chris

Wayne, we can not thank you enough for your help with our Saint Bernard, Basil.. As we are sure you remember, our first day in training seemed to be a disaster. Basil would not sit or anything we told him to do unless he wanted to. So we called it a day and you left us with homework to work with Basil till our next training day.

With a lot of work we were able to accomplish so much. The next visits were so much better.

When we thought it was hopeless, you made it possible. We would recommend you to anybody that had a pet that needed training or with behavior issues. You are the best in our book.

We recently had to put our older saint, Gretchen, to rest. Basil become sad with her no longer with us. So we got another puppy, not a saint, to be a playmate. Since then Basil has been the best saint we could have ever hoped for.
Thanks for all your help in making Basil the best pet of the house.

Thanks again,
Tim and Deborah

I met Wayne Booth when our Yorkie-Poo, Paisley was 8 months old. Wayne came to our house and trained me, so that I could train Paisley. I learned so much from Wayne. With practice on my part and practicing with Paisley, she is a dog that is enjoyable to be around. With Wayne's help, Paisley is a loved member of our family. If you are unhappy with your dogs behavior or just want to improve your relationship with your dog - Wayne Booth is an investment that will pay huge dividens.

Lisa F.

After chewing through my dining room chairs, to say "I was a bit put out" would be an undestatement to having a new puppy in our home again. After working with us and the continued monthly training, I can honestly say Wayne gave us sound advice and techniques that allowed Marley to stay and become an important part of our family.

Georgette A.

We were a little skeptical when we first hired Wayne to help our dog, Duke, with his behavior and aggression problems. Duke is 7 years old and never had any obedience training as a puppy, so we were worried he would have a difficult time catching on. We were shocked when Duke really took to the training and even quickly adapted to a crate after sleeping in our bed for so long. Wayne breaks the training into simple steps that make it feel less overwhelming for you and your dog. We are so happy that we decided to hire Wayne and commit to the training. Duke continues to progress even after lessons have been completed. He has become a much better dog for our family and we are so happy with the results! Thanks again. Marcy C.

I called Wayne to help us train our new 4 month old shelter puppy - Tess. The progress she made in 4 weeks was amazing!!!  She was heeling, sitting, and laying down.  It only took 10 minutes of training twice a day to make this happen.  Wayne was also very helpful in controlling common issues such as jumping, chewing and puling on the leash.  His simple solutions were amazing.  Tess did so well that we decided to get a second dog-- Bogart.  I am now in the process of training him with the same program.  Wayne was able to help us to be the alpha our dogs needed but still maintain a fun and loving relationship with them! Thanks Wayne!

Debbie R.

My dog, Josie, and I had a wonderful experience working with Wayne. My husband and I had adopted Josie a few months before, and while she was a good dog I realized we needed help learning how to interact with her. My husband found Wayne's site online and we decided to work with him (and it turned out that he is also who our vet recommends), but I had never worked with a trainer before and was not exactly sure what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I started seeing results after the first session. Josie became calmer and more confident, and I began to learn how to properly interact with her. Now, several weeks later, things have only gotten better. Josie is adjusting to her new home well, and is a happy member of the family. I can tell that she is more confortable with us, as we are with her. Thanks, Wayne!

Marcia T.

After having Chloe for 2 years, her bad behavior with other dogs just got too much for me to handle. She's only 11 lbs but she is one strong dog! I did a google search one day and Canine Behavior Specialists was the first one that caught my eye.

Wayne called me back with in 24 hours and was very helpful and I instantly agreed to set our first appointment. We just finished our 4th session last week and the changes in my sweet girl are amazing.

The best part about the experience was probably Wayne's knowledge and any question I had he would answer and any concern I had he would address. I know I need to keep my end of the bargain up by continuing to work with her which is so much easier now! Thank you again to Wayne for making this such a positive experience.

Cari R.

We are SO grateful for Wayne's expertise and patience in working with our puppy labrador, Harley.  From the very start, Wayne taught us how to train our puppy in a way that just made sense.  Wayne spent as much time training us as he did Harley - so that WE would learn the do's and don'ts of puppy training and could learn the skills necessary to continue to train Harley!  We found that we often needed to rethink how we were doing things, and the results have been phenomenal.  Our puppy is still mischievous (you can't take the puppy out of him quite yet at this age), but he's no longer pulling us everywhere HE wants to go on the leash.  Wayne - you were a PLEASURE to work with.  THANK YOU!! - Mary and Danny

We were experiencing aggression with our two Weimaraners after a move to Tennessee. We called in Wayne and worked with him a few weeks. We saw improvement right away. All aggression is gone, and both girls are MUCH better behaved. They sit and stay, and most importantly they actually listen to us!! Thank you so much Wayne!! Highly recommended, and well worth the price!!!!

Heidi and Jesse F.

My wife got me a puppy for my birthday. He was so cute for the first few months and then hit what we call the "terrible twos."  He turned very aggressive and would snap at my wife and I. That's where Wayne came in. Now our puppy is back to being cute and cuddly, plus he knows how to sit, stay and lay down. That's a huge improvement. He's also lost most of his aggression. We're very thankful for Wayne. He's exactly what the doctor ordered and worth every penny.

Michael W.



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